The size chart is the measurement (in inches) of the shirt itself, not of the person wearing the shirt.


SHRINKAGE: Our garments are not preshrunk and therefore will experience minimal shrinkage (we have been told by our distributor to expect up to a half size shrink, though we have never experienced this personally) if this of concern to you we suggest laying flat to dry or purchasing one size up.

FITTED SIZES: These shirts are what traditionally would be referred to as "women's shirts". We have changed our language to be inclusive of all genders and will therefore refer to them as fitted shirts. Many people have been surprised by how small the fitted sizes run. Every brand of shirt we use has had the same measurements so this is more indicative of the different standards for women within the fashion industry. While we strive to create fashionable clothing for people of as many shapes and sizes as possible we are unfortunately not a large enough company to be manufacturing our own clothing (yet) and as such must do the best we can within the parameters of the current fashion industry. 

LARGER SIZES?: In every garment we use, we order every sizing option available to us. This produces a range of XS to XXXL in most fitted and all unisex cuts. While this offers a range of 14 different sizes to choose from, we realize that this does not necessarily accommodate every body size and type out there. The ethical standards that we have set for the company (organic or recycled, sweat shop free and USA made) also severely limits us in many ways including color, style and, most unfortunately, sizing options. We recognize that this is not an ideal situation and are constantly on the look out for other garment manufacturers who can create sizes above 3X that don't compromise our commitment to ethical labor practices and eco friendly materials. 

SHIRT BRAND: The brand we currently print on is Royal Apparel.